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Big Picture Living builds on the tremendous work Big Picture Learning students are already doing around lifestyle and well-being. This page will help spotlight student work to recognize their transformational impact, inspire others in their efforts - and prove to the world what is possible. Here you will find student projects around the six measures

Social Media & Creative Projects

Rileigh Addington

Instagram Campaign 


"When creating these I was trying to come up with a simple way to showcase each measurement, without making it seem overwhelming or too much to accomplish. I also added some positive side effects of the measures so people knew the benefits of each." 

Angel Feliz



"While designing this I was thinking about its usability. Making it accessible for both social media but also, so it can become a poster if needed. People don't usually stop to read something with a lot of words on it, so creating a hook would catch someone's attention then lead them to want to learn more through the QR code. " 

MOVE- Physical activity Updatedec9.jpg

Sasha McCloud

Informational Drawing


“This drawing shows the effects of sleep deprivation - 6 hours or less. When you don’t sleep, it is harder to retain memories, you will get more irritated and have mood swings, and you are more at risk for heart attack or stroke.” 

Timmya Howse



This poem was created as part of Timmay's work with Love in a Big World.

Click on the image to download the poem. 

Dear Breonna Poem

Zayd Lokhandwala



As part of the ZOT team working on the six measures, Zayd is working on a series of illustrations that can be used on posters and on social media.

Benjamin Johnson

Script for a IG Series


"I could see this miniseries on Instagram mostly talking about latest news on eating healthy or could just be helpful tips on how to eat healthy. I hope this helps and if you have any questions, I would be happy to answer any of them."

Kysan Sabo

Poem & Art work


Kysan Sabo, a student at the Odyssey STEM Academy wrote and illustrated a poem around Caution: Avoiding Risky Substances. 

Odilia DeGouveia

        Big Picture Living Fellow

Odilia DeGouveia, a student at College Unbound and MET alum, was born in Providence, Rhode Island. She has been working for Perspectives Corporation as a Direct Support Professional for teenagers with disabilities for the last three years. Odilia enjoys practicing self-care and has discovered it is essential to overall health.

Click here to read about her SCI presentation and work around supporting wellness with technology. 

Wellness Webinars & Video Projects

Big Picture Learning students from across the country have been meeting monthly to discuss and share their work around the six measures.  

What are you doing around the 6 Measures? 

Share your ideas, tips, and projects
with the Big Picture Learning Community.


Email Isary Vargas-Guerra at isary@bigpicturelearning.org
to be highlighted on the website and on social media. 


Tag us #BPLiving on social media. 

Big Picture Living App

Big Picture Learning is in development of a mobile app for students. Working in conjunction with the Big Picture Living website, the app will provide an easy way for students to: ​

SELF-ASSESS & MANAGE their own lifestyle choices, and to build individual and group work with their schools and communities using research-based information from trusted sources such as The American College of Lifestyle Medicine


SHARE and post information of their learning and work around lifestyle and well-being


RESEARCH by gathering personal, school, and community data to drive community advocacy and policy change


CO-DESIGN and help management of the website and mobile app, including the development of social media tools that allow students to communicate, collaborate, and coordinate with professionals, communities, and one another

The service will be aligned with BPL’s other platforms—ImBlaze and Alumni Tool Kit—allowing students to learn about and pursue internships in the medical, healthcare, and wellness sectors and allow students and their advisors to collect post-high school graduation data that informs their healthy lifestyles.

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Big Picture Living is an initiative of Big Picture Learning in partnership with American College of Lifestyle Medicine