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Student Showcase

Big Picture Living builds on the tremendous work Big Picture Learning students are already doing around lifestyle and well-being. This page will help spotlight student work to recognize their transformational impact, inspire others in their efforts - and prove to the world what is possible. Click on an icon below to find student projects based on the six measures

Art work by Zayd Lokhandwala, a student at the NEXT School in India .

What are you doing around the 6 Measures? 

Share your ideas, tips, and projects
with the Big Picture Learning Community.


Email the Big Picture Living team at
to be highlighted on the website and on social media. 


Tag us #BPLiving on social media. 

Big Picture Living App

Big Picture Learning is in development of a mobile app for students. Working in conjunction with the Big Picture Living website, the app will provide an easy way for students to: ​

SELF-ASSESS & MANAGE their own lifestyle choices, and to build individual and group work with their schools and communities using research-based information from trusted sources such as The American College of Lifestyle Medicine


SHARE and post information of their learning and work around lifestyle and well-being


RESEARCH by gathering personal, school, and community data to drive community advocacy and policy change


CO-DESIGN and help management of the website and mobile app, including the development of social media tools that allow students to communicate, collaborate, and coordinate with professionals, communities, and one another

The service will be aligned with BPL’s other platforms—ImBlaze and Alumni Tool Kit—allowing students to learn about and pursue internships in the medical, healthcare, and wellness sectors and allow students and their advisors to collect post-high school graduation data that informs their healthy lifestyles.

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