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Tirza Chazaro


Tirza Chazaro is a student at the WIDE School in Texas. She is also a member of the Big Picture Living Skunk Works Team. This project is an animated PSA about sleep. 

"This is an animation I did called "The Science of Sleep". I worked on this because I wanted to share helpful tips on how others can get better sleep by making a humorous animation video. This originated from a school project in my class about circadian rhythms and sleep. I had an awesome idea to make something fun out of one of our assignments."

Marlene Gaeta



Marlene Gaeta is an 11th grader at Odyssey STEM Academy in Lakewood, California. Over the course of her sophomore year Marlene honed her skills in short video production. Marlene enjoys combining her passion for topics important to her, creativity and humor into these short videos. For this particular project Marlene was excited to continue building her skills and informing learners of all ages about the important role that sleep plays in our lives.


Sasha McCloud

Informational Drawing


“This drawing shows the effects of sleep deprivation - 6 hours or less. When you don’t sleep, it is harder to retain memories, you will get more irritated and have mood swings, and you are more at risk for heart attack or stroke.” 

Benjamin Johnson

IG Series


"I could see this miniseries on Instagram mostly talking about latest news on eating healthy or could just be helpful tips on how to eat healthy."

MOVE- Physical activity Updatedec9.jpg

Angel Feliz



"While designing this I was thinking about its usability. Making it accessible for both social media but also, so it can become a poster if needed. People don't usually stop to read something with a lot of words on it, so creating a hook would catch someone's attention then lead them to want to learn more through the QR code. " 

Rileigh Addington

Instagram Campaign 


"When creating these I was trying to come up with a simple way to showcase each measurement, without making it seem overwhelming or too much to accomplish. I also added some positive side effects of the measures so people knew the benefits of each." 

6 Measures to stay healthy.jpeg

Nyneishia Kulkarni 



"I like writing poems, so when I came across a post on submitting a poem on the six measures to stay healthy, I decided to write one. While I was writing the poem, I wanted to use simple words so that anyone could understand and learn the 6 Measures to stay healthy. But, I didn’t want to write six different poems. So, I wrote one poem and mini paragraphs for each measure. I feel this made the poem easy to comprehend and handier to use."

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