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Zayd Lokhandwala



As a student at the NEXT School in India and a member of the Skunk Works Team, Zayd is working on a series of illustrations that can be used on posters and on social media.

Marlene Gaeta



Marlene Gaeta, a student at the Odyssey STEM Academy she has been working on a series of videos around the 6 Measures. This video focuses on managing stress.


Video Presentation 


Hannah, a Gibson Ek High School student, along with two other Gibson Ek students, taught two separate curriculums for hundreds of middle school students through her mental health presentations. The first curriculum covered topics centered on isolation, coping mechanisms, stress, and anxiety. The second curriculum covered topics centered on peer pressure, listening to your gut, setting boundaries, and core values. Hannah and her team wanted to share their personal experiences and individual research with the middle school students to give them a safe, fun, and intimate experience.

Benjamin Johnson

IG Series


"I could see this miniseries on Instagram mostly talking about latest news on eating healthy or could just be helpful tips on how to eat healthy."

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Angel Feliz



"While designing this I was thinking about its usability. Making it accessible for both social media but also, so it can become a poster if needed. People don't usually stop to read something with a lot of words on it, so creating a hook would catch someone's attention then lead them to want to learn more through the QR code. " 

Rileigh Addington

Instagram Campaign 


"When creating these I was trying to come up with a simple way to showcase each measurement, without making it seem overwhelming or too much to accomplish. I also added some positive side effects of the measures so people knew the benefits of each."