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The well-documented dangers of any addictive substance use can include increased risk for many cancers and heart disease. Positive behaviors that improve health include cessation of tobacco use and limiting the intake of alcohol. 

Understanding yourself is the key to responsible decision making. When you know your values (the ideas that are most important to you), you can use them as your guide. Knowing and using your strengths can help you stick to a decision you’ve made, even when it is difficult. And being aware of your mental, emotional, and physical state can help you understand what challenges you might face in different situations.

CAUTION Resources

Educator Tools
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Download the Big Picture Living Conversation Cards

The Big Picture Living Conversation Cards are designed as a way for schools/programs to introduce Lifestyle Medicine through discussion and activities for each of the 6 Measures.

Reflect & Consider Cards: 4 discussion prompts with information to guide the conversation. The Reflect & Consider Cards are designed to be printed double sided and cut into 4 separate cards. Each card includes a Quick Bite, a short extension activity inspired by the discussion.


Activities: 4 activities to personalize the measure and activate community engagement.

Big Picture Living Teacher/Advisor Guide

The Big Picture Living Teacher/Advisor Guide is intended for advisors and teachers to use with their advisory, for learning plan meetings, Who Am I projects, student-driven real-world projects, and at student exhibitions. This guide incorporates the great work students from all over the world have done in around ACLM’s 6 Measures to other students, schools, their families, and communities.


The Big Picture Living Challenge

Click on the link to download the Big Picture Living Challenge. Fill out the page, snap a photo and share your answer on social media using #BigPictureLivingChallenge.  

Big Picture Living Personal Health Plan

Encourage your students to fill out a personal health plan

Big Picture Living Lesson Plans (Google Slides)

Big Picture Living : Caution Google Slides Presentation

ACLM Resources
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6 Ways to Take Control of Your Life

The American College of Lifestyle Medicine 

Check out these awesome tips on 6 ways you can take control of your life RIGHT NOW and create a healthier lifestyle for yourself!

Click on the image to download the PDF. 

Lifestyle Choices & Immunity.jpg

Lifestyle Choices to Boost Immune System

The American College of Lifestyle Medicine 

Having a strong immune system is super important, especially NOW. We need to take care of our bodies more than ever!

Click on the image to download the PDF. 


Family Approach to Wellbeing

The American College of Lifestyle Medicine 

Share the benefits of living a balanced lifestyle with your family! Here are some tips to help you get started.

Click on the image to download the PDF. 

ACLM's 6 Measure Guides

The American College of Lifestyle Medicine 

Take a deeper dive into each of ACLM's 6 measures by downloading these lifestyle PDFS. You can use them for yourself, your class room or even to share with your friends and family.

Download the PDFs here

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Patient LM Abuse.jpg
Patient LM Stress.jpg
Patient LM Nutrition.jpg
Patient LM Sleep.jpg
Patient LM Activity.jpg
Nutrition Assessment  (1)_Page_2.jpg
Nutrition Assessment  (1)_Page_3.jpg
Nutrition Assessment  (1)_Page_1.jpg

ACLM's 6 Measure Assessments

The American College of Lifestyle Medicine 

Track your healthy lifestyle changes and progress by downloading these self assessment questionnaires for each of the 6 measures!

Download the PDFs here. 

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