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Webinar Series


A new year presents new opportunities for growth. To that end, Big Picture Learning (BPL) and HEAL (Health Equity Achieved through Lifestyle Medicine) - an initiative of American College of Lifestyle Medicine - invite you to attend a critically important, three-part conversation on equity, education and the well-being of our future generations. 

Through this series, BPL and HEAL will lead an effort to bridge the gap between different societal sectors; including medicine, education and media; to spur further discussion around the problem around health inequity and the solutions inside and around education designed to address it.

Session One: Thriving in America: Are the Odds Stacked Against You?

In this first session, we'll welcome a panel made up of pediatricians, filmmakers, food justice activists and more to set the stage for the entire series.  

Session Two: Thriving in Schools: How your environment shapes your choices

In this second session, we'll welcome a panel made up of educators, students, gardeners and more to discuss how health disparities show in and affect schools.

Session Three: Thriving & the BPL Solution: Live a Life of your own Design

In this final session, we'll welcome BPL Co-Founder Elliot Washor and students from across the Big Picture network to discuss ways in which ACLM's Six Measures and BP Living have helped them think differently about health and education.


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