Puzzle Pieces Podcast

Puzzle Pieces are the individual pieces that make up Big Picture. This podcast, hosted by Danique Dolly, is designed to deconstruct these pieces each week through the relevant topics we’re tackling as an organization and as a network. Puzzle Pieces is about staying urgent, staying connected and having fun. It is our regular place in cyberspace for us to be inspired and invigorated amidst the unknown and unimagined. 


All Things Us

Coming to you from the Roger Williams Park in Providence, RI, this is All Things Us, where students from The MET High School discuss anything and everything we learn at the park. 


It Happened to Me

Join the Conscious Cabbagers from the NEXT school for a comical insight on relatable things by a group of self-certified fruits, who sometimes pretend to be on an airplane, as they explain the Big Picture Living initiative!