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Big Picture Living Day, held on June 2, 2023, is created to promote healthy living and prevention of chronic diseases. Young people today face increasing health concerns from mental health to physical health. The Center of Disease Control tells us that poor mental health, obesity, and diabetes are just a few conditions that are on the rise for adolescence now and in the future upon adulthood.


Big Picture Living Day features knowledge sharing and activities in schools and youth programs – conducted by leaders, young people and staff –  aimed at:


  • Awareness of the harms within some of our current day to day lives from the food we eat to our daily habits.

  • Educating people about lifestyle medicine and its 6 healthy habits as a form of disease prevention.

  • Stressing the importance of healthy living while young.

  • Making schools and youth organizations aware of an important role they can play in impacting the overall health of youth.

  • To unite and stand as one against disease and illness while embracing and endorsing lifestyle changes.




  1. Create a BP Living Team with students and staff for the day. Have fun with it and name your team 

  2. Let us know you are joining. Sign Up below!

  3. Share your IDEAS with us on Social Media tag @bp_living and #BPLivingDay



Go GREEN for Big Picture Living: Have every person at the school wear green on June 2.


Share what you know about the healthy habits of Big Picture Living. Explore the site, watch a video, and dive into the resources. Then share what you learned on Social Media tag @bp_living and #BPLivingDay 


Create a Big Picture Living Space: 

  • Get outside and MOVE

  • Create a quiet space to CHILL

  • SOCIAL - during lunch write kindness postcards to another student

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