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  • Andrea Calvin

Big Picture Living & LEGO: Building a Wellness Journey Brick by Brick

Using the bricks provided, build a unique LEGO vehicle to guide you on your Big Picture Living journey. This was the challenge posed during the Monday Pick Me Up at Big Bang 2022.

Sounds simple, right? But let’s go deeper.

Everyone got the same set of bricks and was asked to divide them into 6 color groupings. The colors represent the 6 Measures of Big Picture Living.

  • Nourish: Keeping a balanced, plant-based diet

  • Move: Getting enough exercise & physical activity

  • Chill: Managing your stress

  • Recharge: Keeping to a sleep schedule and catching the appropriate number of Zzzs

  • Caution: Avoiding risky substances

  • Social: Building healthy relationships

Now, sometimes we are better in one area than the others. Just like with a pack of LEGOs you might have more bricks of one color than the other. But all LEGOs connect and click together to build a unique creation that represents the builder.

Advisors and students at Big Bang 2022 were asked to consider their LEGO vehicle as their mode of transportation on the Big Picture Living wellness journey and snap a few photos along the way. Check out a few of the highlights:

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