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On The Road with Big Picture Living

On the road with Big Picture Living Student Ambassadors Angel Feliz and Jasmin Poirier (The MET High School) you are guaranteed to hear them chat about the impacts of technology on society that somehow goes into a tangent about Teenage mental health with a sprinkle of pop culture. These are some of the many topics that get our mouths to move at the speed of light as we make our commute to our favorite presentations: Big Picture Living.

We kicked off our December fully recharged as we geared up to socialize with everyday educators to school leaders and principals all the way to program and community directors. Our first engagement was in the famous Beantown - Boston - to present at the annual National Conference for Student Activities, a conference for teachers and after-school programmers on the lookout for student engagement, something BPLiving is all about.

With a 3 hour block we ran through every detail that makes BPLiving what it is and even got to engage with all the measures with activities.

The workshop consisted of a mixture of BPLiving at The Met High School, the possibility of BPLiving at their schools or programs, and the audience participating in activities which they can take to their individual schools so that they too can BPLiving it up!

However, we know the best part of presentations is leaving with some merch so we made sure to show up with some strong merch game with stickers, recipe magnets by Upbeet, and folders filled with posters and resources, aka the BPLiving starter pack. We hope that the educators at our workshop take these resources and integrate them into their school culture and make it their own!

Following our BPliving intensive workshop we MOVED through the city to NOURISH in celebration of a great presentation and in anticipation for Jasmin and Angel’s ravels to San Diego on the mission to spread BPLiving. Our nourishing spot of choice that day was Dig, a farm sourced restaurant filled with nutritious and delicious plates that made our stomachs smile!

After a couple more stops at tourist attractions we said our goodbyes and started the journey to the Big Picture Learning Leadership Conference in sunny California. To catch Angel's perspective of their experience there make sure to check it out on the BPLiving Instagram account highlights.

If you too would like a to connect with our student ambassadors don't be afraid to reach out online (check out our Facebook/IG pages)

Until the next stop, see ya!

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