For too long, education has focused on just a part of what it means to be successful in life.  It’s now time to look at the big picture.

Big Picture Living is a first-of-its kind resource to provide a game-changing approach to health and well-being at Big Picture schools around the globe. And eventually to all schools who are to embrace the movement.


This student-centered, lifestyles-for-learning initiative addresses an urgent gap in support for students - especially those that struggle under conditions that can upend learning - and disrupt pathways to life-long personal and professional success.


In partnership with researchers and experts at the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, Big Picture Living offers trusted resources, research and practical tools to help students and their communities make simple lifestyle choices that will, over time, have dramatic, transformational impact on one’s health, well-being and security. 


Using the ACLM’s 6 Measures as a framework, the Big Picture Living initiative is designed to spark transformational change in young people’s lives and future potential - as well as their communities and the world - through healthy lifestyle choices that give their lives meaning.

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Join Big Picture Learning and HEAL (Health Equity Achieved through Lifestyle Medicine) - an initiative of American College of Lifestyle Medicine - invite you to attend a critically important, three-part conversation on equity, education and the well-being of our future generations. 


Through this 3 part series, BPL and HEAL will lead an effort to bridge the gap between different societal sectors; including medicine, education and media; to spur further discussion around the problem around health inequity and the solutions inside and around education designed to address it. 

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Meet The Skunk Works Team 

Big Picture Learning students from across the globe are collaborating to share advice on healthy living and promote lifestyle changes within their school communities while cultivating resources on the website, social media and providing critical feedback for app development.   


Big Picture Living in Action

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