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Healthy Living Starts With You: College Unbound Student Shares her Experience with the 6 Measures

As College Unbound student Odilia DeGouveia found the support and joy she experienced in The Met High School. In 2019 she joined a cohort at College Unbound led by her former advisor and opportunities unfolded.

“I was really excited! It brought me back to high school, and made me realize that this was the time - I could not say no to this opportunity, she said. My College Unbound project is to increase awareness and practice of self care for low income parents through social media. The supportive family environment has helped me realize that I can be successful and given me motivation to go forward (doors always open).”

We recently connected with Odilia around her course at College Unbound and how she found ways to implement the 6 measures in her daily life.

You recently had a course at College Unbound focused on healthy living and the development of - what is now named Big Picture Living - can you share about that course and your accomplishments?

“As part of the course, weekly I reflected on the 6 measures (physical activity, food and nutrition, sleep, stress resilience, avoidance of risky substances, and healthy relationships/connections). I was able to see where I was lacking and where my “cups” were filled. This practice made me more aware of my well being. So often I feel off mentally or physically and not know why or how to fix it. Now I am able to simply “scan” myself to see where I am lacking in my 6 measures and where change needs to be made.

Mentally it's made me more relaxed in both my academic and personal life because I feel fulfilled from working/being aware of my lifestyle and well being, I am able to focus on life’s tasks such as school, work, and the enjoyment of life. I feel fulfilled and when I don’t, I know what to turn to and how to fix/improve my wellbeing/ lifestyle.”

What are some changes you have made in your personal life around health and wellness?

Through my experiences at College Unbound I've been given more knowledge around health and wellness. The main change I've applied to my life is being aware of my 6 measures. Daily I use positive affirmations, practice spirituality, deep breathing, physical exercise and being aware of my nutrition. What is included in my awareness of nutrition is to stay away from processed foods and eating more plant based with a goal of one day becoming vegan.”

Can you share a few tips on how to get started living a healthy life?

“A few tips on how to get started on a healthy life is to understand that it starts with you. What assisted me in becoming healthy was surrounding myself around others who are like minded and have a goal of living a healthy life as well. Lastly is to not be afraid to try new things and to be humble and moldable in order to absorb new information that can be applied to your life.”

How will you apply the healthy living program into your career after school?

“I will apply the healthy living program into my career by applying any information learnt towards my clientele . I am currently working towards completing my certification as a Master Life Coach. Having learnt the importance of the 6 measures, that information will assist my potential clients. I could make a journal/log for my clients to utilize daily that would include the 6 measures.”

What are some ways you destress when you’re feeling overwhelmed?

“When feeling overwhelmed I enjoy being in nature, going on walks, taking a drive, taking my dog for a walk, hanging out with family/friends, deep breathing and utilizing affirmations.”

Can you share one of your favorite healthy recipes?

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