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Big Picture's Living & Learning Workshops


Big Picture's Living & Learning Workshops are your time to connect, learn, and share best practices around topics that impacts our youth.


When Is It?
First Session on Oct. 25, 2022
3:30pm est/ 12:30pst
6:30pm est/ 3:30 pst
Can't make the first session? Keep an eye on social media for more details. 

Who Is Invited?
All affiliates of the Big Picture network, schools, programs, and friends. Come and be willing to share.
More info & to RSVP email:


What Will Be Covered?
Building meaningful relationships with students. We will explore:

  • Why is it important to truly know the student before pushing the content?


  • How to make meaningful relationships part of the school’s culture?


  • How relationship building can support both academic and behavioral development.

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