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Big Picture Living Contest 

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(Feb. 14- April 8)

Starting Monday, Feb. 14, 2022 we will post on Instagram & Facebook a weekly challenge around a specific Big Picture Living measure. During that week YOU and YOUR SCHOOL are challenged to share how you are incorporating this measure.  We will keep track of the entries per school and at the end of every week post a leaderboard on social.

How to enter: 

During the week (Monday-Sunday) post an image, story, and/or video to Instagram or Facebook on how you are tackling that challenge. Remember to tag @BP_living, your school, and use #BPLivingChallenge!

Any school can enter, and you can post more than once! EACH post is an entry (1 point).

How to win:

Schools with the most social media engagement will be announced Friday April 8, 2022.


1st place- $1000

2nd- $500



*Funds will be granted to winning groups, schools or youth organization and must also be used for a wellness or health-related program, activity, club, garden or other project benefiting youth's overall health. For any questions please contact


February Challenges:
Week 1 (Feb. 14) Move: Move your body outside & take a picture (Bonus points for on wheels- bike, rollerskate, skateboard ect.)
Week 2 (Feb. 21) Chill: How do you chill? Share your music playlist, favorite book, or meditation activity.
Week 3 (Feb. 28) Recharge:  Challenge yourself to get 8 hours of sleep each night this week. Post your sleep tips! 


March Challenges:
Week 1 (March 7) Move & Nourish: Post a photo of the nourishing food you eat that helps give you more energy to MOVE or perform a physical activity better.
Week 2 (March 14) Caution: How do you encourage your friends to stay away from drugs? What are the negative effects of drugs? Share your answer in a creative way- Create an infographic, song, or post on your story.
Week 3 (March 21) Social: Tag someone you appreciate and say what you appreciate about them (1 point per post & unlimited entries accepted)
Week 4 (March 28) Nourish: Cook a plant-based dish with a family member & post it on your story.



Week 1 (April 4-8) The Big 6: 

  • Recharge Monday: Share your sleep routine. How do you get ready before bed? Try putting your phone on night mode. 

  • Move Tuesday: Take a walk at the park with a friend or advisory/class.

  • Chill Wednesday: Do a relaxing DIY activity & post on your story. (Stay tuned for our student lead Webinar!)

  • Nourish Thursday: Host a plant-based potluck or cook a healthy plant-based recipe with your advisory/class. Share the health benefits & tag us on social!

  • Social Friday: Print a take what you need poster and pin it on your school wall/pinboard. See @bp_living Instagram for examples.

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