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Challenge Cards: Caution Resoures

The Big Picture Living Team has curated resource to assist you in discussing the caution measure. 

Consuming Addictive Substances


Sesame Street: Parental Addiction


Center for Disease Control and Prevention: ​​Youth Tobacco Prevention 

Scholastic: The Real Cost of Vaping 


Center for Disease Control and Prevention: The Buzz on Energy Drinks,diet%20of%20children%20and%20adolescents


Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administrations: Why You Should Talk With Your Child About Alcohol and Other Drugs

Protect Your Digital Self 

Common Sense Media: Digital Citizenship Curriculum 


CrashCourse: Crash Course Media Literacy


Physical/Mental Safety


Issac’s Story: A Film & Graphic Novel about Mental Health


Sesame Street: Violence 


Sesame Street: Traumatic Experiences 


Born this Way Foundation


The National Council For Mental Wellbeing


Bodily Autonomy 

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